My First Birth

Tomorrow is the birthday of my oldest son. Born June 23 1985 at 10:28 am. 24 years later it remains one of the most empowering,  remarkable and  without a doubt one of the most joyful days of my life.

When I awoke on June 22 I noticed some tightening around my abdomen, they were mild and sporadic somewhat like the ones I have been having for the past few weeks. Being 10 days past my due date I remember thinking I might never go into labor, but I reminded myself, that nobody stays pregnant forever even though I felt like that was the case.

The contractions did feel somewhat different and I remember thinking  that maybe this is it, I also felt different, even though I slept OK I was tired yet had a lot of energy. I felt  like I needed to get things done I vacuumed ! An  event at that time my life that I saved for only when I knew company was coming! I also made a list of some items like film and batteries that we needed at the store. I got ready to  go and walked (waddled) to the car but did not have the energy to go into the store. I  let Gary do that as I sat in the car waiting . It was a hot summer day and I was feeling VERY big. When I got home I felt like I need to settle in so I turned on some fans and lied in my bed.   I remember my cat staying close beside me  under some covers in my bed. Cori  had been with me for years before I got married and I knew she knew that something  was different today. I took some pictures of her ,  I can recall those photos in  my mind.

About 7:00 pm the contractions were  still coming although I  kept thinking I was having “gas pains” I no longer felt comfortable lying down so I walked  around  and  then tried to sit and watch some television. By 11:00 the “gas pains” “were having a pattern to them . Still comfortable  at home  I continued to  walk, sit, lay down ,  I still was not  sure  if this was really it , but something inside of me said “It must be”

By 4am the contractions were still coming , Gary would time  a few here and ther he was getting  a little nervous and suggested we get to the hospital. I told him I wanted to wait a while since my biggesst fear would be told that I was not really in labor  and be sent home .You see I felt the tightening  but it was very managebale  and I  was trusting my body.

At 6 :00 am I took  a shower, seeing  some bloody show, I decided it would be a good time to get going.  We got to the hospital at 6:30am  and after a  very long walk down the hall a vaginal check revealed  I was 6 cm. 24 years ago interventions were quick and  without much explanation. IV, internal monitor, and external monitor. Without even a blink of an eye they broke my water, I quickly went into transition, I felt the contractions intensifyand as Gary tried to help me with the ridiculous Lamaze breathing I  started to hyperventilate. Something inside of me said to focus inward.  I listened, I held Gary’s hand to let him know I needed him there,and closed my eyes . I  just concentrated on breathing normal and listening to  the music we  had. It was the soundtrack form the Big Chill.  Music has always been a  relaxing  thing for me  I was able to let it  take  me to a good place in my mind.  So  I tuned in the music  and turned out the room . The next thing I remember is I opened my eyes at 10:00 with an incredible urge to push. I was not sure what I was doing or how but I remember the positve encourgment  from the doctor  and nurses. Words like  your are so  strong, you can do this. With this  strength   I birthed my son  28 minutes later. I soon  held him in my arms I can remember and seeing   his wide eyes looking at me, and  fell in love.

I tell you this story  because you  will always remember the day your child is born .I wish for you all the birth you  and your baby deserves, one that is filled with love and peace.  Happy Birthday Ian.

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