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Small Wonders Childbirth Introduces an Empowering DVD Class for Expectant Moms and Their Partners:  Doula Dee gives back the magic and prepares women for the positive birthing experience they deserve

BOULDER, CO, OCTOBER 1, 2009… In more than twenty years of nursing and teaching child birth classes, Dee Sheridan, RN, CCE, CD, has experienced the stress, fears, joy and excitement with hundreds of Colorado families as they welcome their little ones into the world. Her mission is to empower women and their partners to trust the natural birth process. Dee has shared her approach with women and their partners in classes and as a doula.  In order to reach out to more women and families, she’s taken her experiences and channeled them into a compassionate and powerful three (3) hour DVD titled,  “Small Wonders Child Birth Education:  Your Positive Birth Experience.” The DVD is available for purchase online for $42.99 at the Small Wonders website at

“I am on a mission in modern times to reclaim for women the magic of giving birth with power and confidence. The DVD series allows us to reach a broader group of women, to help them prepare for this amazing journey,” explains Dee Sheridan. “I’ve been a registered nurse since 1984, with a focus on labor, delivery, postpartum and pediatrics and have been teaching childbirth classes and been a practicing birth doula for over nine years. I believe that it is important for women and their partners to gather information about labor and prepare for birth. Preparation is key to having a positive birth experience. I coach women and couples that each birth is unique and help them embrace the idea that knowledge and preparation decreases fears and unnecessary discomfort, so they can relax with their labor.”

This special DVD series is designed to increase a mom’s knowledge and decrease her fears so she can relax with her labor.  It’s great for:

·         Pregnant women, their partners and the people attending the birth; as well as family members who are interested in your approach and birth philosophy.

·         For ease in scheduling, no conflicts for time, as you can watch when and where time allows

·         For those with medical situations that make it difficult to attend classes

·         As a supplement to classes or as a great gift for expectant moms

·         As a positive approach to your birth, a class that meets your birth philosophy

The DVD includes six classes, relaxation exercises, positive birth affirmations, birth stories, and interviews with health professionals whose work focuses on pregnancy and birth. The classes include:

Class 1: Having a baby, preparing for birth, staying comfortable with your growing body.
Class 2: Understanding the first stages of labor, early and active
Class 3: Transition and birthing your baby, coping techniques
Class 4: Birth wishes, learning about medical interventions
Class 5: What to take with you and how to provide labor support
Class 6: Postpartum, baby care, and getting started breastfeeding.

Like Dee’s live classes, the DVD classes feature information on the stages of labor, focusing on what is normal so you can utilize the simple but effective relaxation techniques that Dee has developed and used through many years assisting women in labor.  Every class includes a positive birth affirmation. Because your body and mind are connected, affirmations help you stay in a positive mindset that supports having a positive birth experience.

Small Wonders philosophy on medical interventions is that they are important but don’t have to be at the center of your birth experience. Understanding your options helps you make the best choices for your own unique labor, with no regrets.

“The birth of your baby is an experience you will never forget,” shares Dee.  “My goal is to make that experience a positive one, in every way. The inspiration for this work came after the birth of my own three children. Working in hospitals at the time I became very familiar with what could go wrong but I want women to know what can go right. That’s what I teach. Helping women and their partners understand the process of labor and delivery and giving them the ability to trust the natural process and to make the best choices for their birth is my passion.”

To view a preview of the DVD or for more information on Dee Sheridan, her classes and the new DVD series, please visit or call 303.997.5694.

About Small Wonders
“Doula Dee” Sheridan has happily taught over 1,500 people and attended over 350 births which she finds miraculous every time. Based in Boulder, Colorado, her company, Small Wonders provides education about labor and delivery with accurate and meaningful information to support a positive birth experience within the scope of managed care.  In addition to classes and personal support as a doula, Dee Sheridan’s Small Wonders offers a childbirth education series on DVD, web site, blog, birth/labor products, and the ability to have active correspondence with Dee. The Small Wonders community connects pregnant women and their partners with birthing educators, doulas, and healthcare professionals who lovingly work with pregnant women.


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