Birth : positive moms=positive babies

Today when I turned on the news I got frightened about the weather! Imagine we are living in a  society that makes us fearful for our well being.

 Working in the hospital setting  I became very familiar with what can go wrong,  and doctors  are  filling woman’s head with fear of labor and birth and not to trust their own bodies. That is why  I want to help woman  know what can go RIGHT. That is what I teach. Helping women and their partners understand the process of labor and birth and giving them the ability to trust the natural process and to make the best choices for their unique birth experience

Being positve is so important daily and even more so upon the yearly  celebrations of your childrens birth. You will always remember that day, maybe not all the details but  the bulk of it. That is why enpowering woman and their partners is so important to me , because having a positive birth experience sets  the path for a joyous  parenting


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