pregnancy tea

Sitting with my cup of tea on a winter morning I  thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, the most safe and widely used of all the uterine – pregnancy  herbs.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea can  be brewed as a tea or infusion and is easily found on your local stores  shelves. Be sure to look  for the   Red Raspberry LEAF which contains  Vitamin  C, Vitamin E  Calcium , Iron ,  Vitamin  A, B complex  phosphorus and potassium

Benefits of during Red Raspberry Leaf tea before and  during pregnancy:

  • helps increase fertility
  • prevents miscarriage/hemorrhage  it tones the uterus and helps makes a strong uterus  which decreases postpartum bleeding
  • relief of nausea /morning sickness
  • allows the uterus to work efficiently during labor

Enjoy your cup of tea for its pleasant taste and wonderful pregnancy benefits !

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