Should my mom attend my birth

So many times my clients have struggled over having family members at their birth, There  is no hard and fast rule since everyone is different.  But  here are some tips that may help  you decide

1. Make sure whoever is going to be at your birth understands the type of birth you are wishing for. It is best if they can attend class with you or watch a childbirth video with the philosophy of birth that you are working with. Understanding the process and ways to help  (and realize  it may be different then when they had their babies )is KEY to knowing that the people  in your birth room can help rather than hinder your labor and  birth.

2. Don’t  think you should  be the hostess at your birth, your job is to labor

3. Set some “rules” that work for you so there are no surprises.  who will be in charge of phone calls  or cool cloths, filling the bath, pictures, music,  when you might want some privacy.

4. Make sure YOU are comfortable  with family members remember  this is your birth and if it feels better just to have them arrive after baby is born then do not regret not being able to say that before it is too late.

As always have a positive and happy birthday

in joy


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