pregnancy and GBS

Many of you have asked me about Group B Strep ( GBS) and how to prevent it from being high in abundance  week 37 and avoid the use of antibiroics in labor. This is from an article by Gerri Ryan LM CPM that has  some great tips;

1. Get urine screening early and throughout pregnancy to detect overgrowth of GBS, which wil give you more time before labor to decrease the overabundance

2. Eat foods that increase the good bacteria in your body

Asparagus, Garlic ,Leek ,Onion , Artichoke

Yogurt, Miso, Sauerkraut, Kefir

3. Take a probiotic supplement  that include bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.

4. Homeopathy can treat and remedy GBS talk to a  homepathic provider about Streptococcinium

5. For thos eof you already diagnosed with GBS or with recurrent /chronic yeast infections a probiotic suppository may be useful

6. Decrease your stress to decrease overgrowth of an acidic environment , try acupuncture, prenatal massage, a walk meditation

Always consult with your health care provider  and trust your bodies abilities !

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