To Kegel or not Kegel that is the question?

Ok, you are out with some friends  you laugh and oops you leak some urine,  yikes  you are not alone.  Studies show  1 in 4 woman have pelvic floor issues  that include bladder control problems. I teach woman to start kegeling ( rhymes with  bagel) in their first childbirth classes. ,Perhaps something they do not have to have any worries about yet but with each birth they have the increase the chances  loss of bladder control issues . The baby passes through the kegel muscle   which controls the uterus, bladder and rectum and if it gets too sstretched out it loses its ability to keep your pelvic floor strong. So we do muscle strenthing by squeezing the muscles around your vagina and anus as if you are trying to stop the flow  of uringe and gas. Stop it then release hold for 10 seconds 10-15 times , repeating  that 5 times a day. Easy to get in while brushing your teeth, sitting at a red light, changing the babies diaper….

Simple and effective way to prevent pelvic floor weakening ,  and yes you can relax and laugh as hard as you want!

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