breastfeeding why it is best for your baby

While working at my “day” job a young co worker came up to me and said  “Why is breastfeeding important , so many of my friends are choosing to give their babies formula ” .   Of course I came up with all my  calculations and information I know about the importance of breast feeding . But what came to mind quickest  was the quote a favorite pediatrician  told me  while doing a well check for my third child 18 years ago.  It really resonated “Why would you feed your baby cows milk, do you want your baby  to grow up  to be a cow” It is that simple  Milk is species specific, human babies need human milk

Human milk is made of 1.2 %protien, 3.8% fat, 7 %carb am 87.6 % water which is  the perfect amount of nutrition  your baby needs.

Prepare for breastfeeding by attending a class  and reading some books  prior to your  baby being born and  then make sure you  connect with people to support you  during the time you are breastfeeding

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