childbirth classes

For local folks  , I will be starting a series of classes beginning on April 13th to be held at Becoming Mothers Maternity Store in Boulder

*Increase your knowledge on what is normal in labor, while decreasing any worries. Only with this understanding will you  be able to relax with your labor while your  partner is  supporting  you .

* How to make the best choices for your birth, the goal is to to have a positive birth  experience with no regrets.

Classes include: *Nutrition  *Preparing for labor  emotionally and physically *Understanding  contraction,*Stages of labor *birth wishes*  Understanding  medical interventions and how to make the best choices   for your labor *Relaxation techniques* Packing  partner support *Postpartum *baby care * breastfeeding basics… and so  much more!

Please sign up soon   for these classes soon  as space is limited

by email  [email protected] or phone 303 -997-5694

in joy


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