childbirth in sitcoms

OK I  admit I am addicted   to birth stories  and I love to watch shows when woman are in labor. The most recent episode of The Office   is when Pam and Jim are having their baby  l  I was  happy to see  Pam  was not doing  the ridiculous Lamaze  hyperventilating breathing that so many shows depict ( I guess that is  where Lamaze breathing belongs on TV sitcoms, not to be used in the real world)

1. Pam did a great job “relaxing ” through her contractions she depicted what a laboring woman looks like very well working hard during the contractions and resting in between.. OK we know she was trying to dismiss them but hey many of us do that

2. Big error they would  not go to the hospital  until midnight so they could stay 48 hours.. news flash the time limit begins after the birth, the time it takes to have the baby does not count.  On other hand it is nice not to get there to soon right

I do  remember many births that I was with clients for over 48 hours imagine if they said times up you have to go home  sorry you did not have your baby yet.

3. The  list of things that Pam’s Co -workers were reading to  have her not do to decrease her contractions  The list was what can increase contractions nipple stimulation , walking  spicy foods,   did they mention sex.. I do not remember.

4. Not nice nurse… OK Pam is struggling with breast feeding and she has the wisdom to tell her..”don’t worry many people bottle feed”… whack!  think we all liked the cute male lactation nurse, well maybe not Jim

all in all well done for a sit com

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