childbirth preparation practice the art of relaxing

So many times I ask woman what they want from my class and they answer by asking  to learn  how they can control their labor.  “I want it to be quick” ” I want  to be sure I do not go too much past my due date.”   “I want to know exactly what the contractions will feel like.”

While I encourage birth wishes to   put forth  what your desires for your birth will be, trying to  control your labor  is like trying to control  what your child’s personality will  be, and that is it will be unique.  . You cannot  control your labor but you can control  how much you relax  . Surrender to your labor be flexible  know you are prepared and then start focusing  on relaxing your body

Start with saying or reading some  positive affirmations


Visualize your partner  hugging you putting cool cloths on your forehead, reminding you how great you are doing

Then  visualize yourself  holding your newborn baby all new , slimy,  and wide eyed

Now  focus on how much you are relaxing have all the parts of your body that don’t need to work going  loose and limp. Notice the difference when you are tense up  and when you relax that part

Feeling more relaxed , take yourself to a place that makes you feel good, a beach scene, an alpine lake or perhaps your favorite  chair in your living room with you all curled up with a good book as you pet your cat.  Know all is well .

There I gave you something to control … How much you relax

in joy


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