early labor signs

For many days before labor to onset of true labor many woman experience:

1. nesting instinct..  innate urge to get things done

2. warm up contractions– tightening of the uterus , cramping with no real pattern

3. feeling heaviness in pelvis- baby drops into pelvis

4. loose bowels– natures way to cleanse and make more room for the baby to come down

5.weight loss– not uncommon to lose a few pounds before labor

6.increased vaginal discharge

7.loss of mucous plug- plug that is at end of cervix gets released as cervix may start to dilate and efface, It can be expelled  after vaginal exam, intercourse, exercise, etc. You can  Is egg white or snot consistency and can have  some brown or pink spots . Normal  event before or at start of labor

What you can do:

REST– take this opportunity to rest now

Eat – light comfort food, carbohydrates are best

Take a walk after you have rested walk, helps with alignment and can help bring on labor

Ignore it/ Relax– watch  a movie , read , take a bath ,sleep take your mind off it Labor will come on when you are most relaxed mentally and physically and  most importantly in the perfect time!

Now that you know what to  expect ..relax,  because all is well

in joy


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