labor and birth support

While teaching a childbirth class, one couple told me that their parents were going to be coming in from out of state to be at the birth.  As  always we discuss what is the best choices  for   having people attend your birth. She was confident that her mom would be a great support but worried that  she would not be up to date on how they were preparing for their birth. Since her mom  could not attend her classes locally the Small Wonders Childbirth Education  video  would  be a perfect tool for having her mom to basically be  taking the classes with them.

Through the weeks they were able to discuss her upcoming labor,  birth wishes and getting ready for the baby.

When labor began , her mom was an awesome help . Knowing her daughters wishes and being able to support her without worrying was so important.  This  especially  showed through  while in the  transition stage . The nurse came into the room and asked if she wanted  drugs. “I think I do”, she answered. ( Classic response in transiton)

Her mom calmly  said,” How about we wait an hour and see if you still want them , lets walk around a little and see if  this baby is coming soon. You are doing  great.” . Confident in her daughter ‘s ability , honoring  her wishes,  and most of all she knowing  everything was going perfectly  she was able to support her through the transition. Wow great job  mom!

Sure enough 30 minutes later Tara started pushing, and 30 minutes  after that her beautiful 10 pound baby girl was placed in her arms.

Empowering for all .

in joy


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