childbirth birth story..a memorial day birth

It was memorial day  a few years ago when the phone call came that her water broke.  It was my first year not running the Bolder Boulder because I knew I was on call . I just finished running my own 10K  , so perfect timing  for my cell phone to ring at 8:00am   My advise was to let the doctor know that her water broke, that the fluid was clear and that at this time there were no contractions.  On the call back the doc said OK to stay at home for 4- 6 hours and to come into the hospital if no contractions by noon.. I had them  do some walking , eat  some food  and take a relaxing bath.

By noon with no contractions they called the doc and was told to come on in . Once admitted it was found her cervix was closed with 50% effacement, baby was doing well.   The suggestion was Pitocin, the doctor  discouraged using Prostoglandin because her water broke and thought it would just leak out.   Paula looked at me concerned , she was hoping to avoid IV induction if at all possible.  I talked to the doctor on what would be the downfall if we tried the Prostoglandin , gave it 4 hours and then go to Pitocin if no results , it was early  in the day after all.  Good idea she said.  Prostoglandin inserted at 1:00pm .  resting in bed for that hour she took a little nap. Then up and walking around , by 3:00 we were in active labor, sitting on the ball , walking  and using the labor bath. At 5:00 came transition , “OK I want the epidural now” she screeched, as her husband helped her out of  the tub.

I told her I would find the nurse  to let her know that we might be needing an IV started if the baby was not born in the next 30 minutes  As I was leaving the room I heard her say, “fire her” I chuckled to myself and went to get the birthing stool and alert the nurse.

When I returned she held me tight and made the sounds of  starting to  push.  She  sat on the birthing stool, the nurse came in and checked her  cervix which was 10 cm . Thirty minutes of pushing and beautiful wide eyed Aiden was born.

To this day Paula just laughs when we share this story.  She does not recall that she wanted to fire me .. she just remembers how empowered she was  and always will be by the birth of her son.

I will  cherish this memorial day birth story always, it was an honor to be there.ist2_4240119-mother-s-love

in joy


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