Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage

ist1_4583681-young-pregnant-woman-against-a-blue-skyIn my childbirth education video my back up doula and certified  prenatal massage therapist Cara Sanders  talks about the benefits of massage while you are pregnant. I include this therapy along with others for you to be informed of as many resources that you can benefit from while pregnant. Prenatal massage not only can decrease normal pregnancy discomforts, it will  enhance your pregnancy experience.

  • reduces swelling
  • reduces back and joint pain
  • improves your circulation
  • helps you sleep better
  • decreases stress

Cara and other massage therapists note woman who have  regular prenatal  massage have a better labor experience .

Be sure to have a massage therapist specially trained  in prenatal massage. If you have any concerns if massage is safe for your pregnancy it is  always OK to ask your doctor or midwife.

So go ahead book a deserve it!

in joy


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