Childbirth classes understanding postpartum depression

Teaching the signs of symptoms of postpartum blues vs. postpartum depression is an important topic I cover in my childbirth classes and on my video Small Wonders Childbirth Education. This subject has come to mind lately due to  news story that has been  in the news locally here in Boulder. It pulls at your heartstrings in so many ways. Here is some quick reference to assist you with some signs and symptoms

Signs /symptoms of postpartum blues

  • occurs in 60-80% of new moms
  • first signs begins on day 3 and up to  a few weeks after birth
  • cries easily
  • irritable/nervous
  • feels vulnerable
  • trouble sleeping
  • loss of appetite
  • feels overwhelmed

Signs/symptoms postpartum depression

  • occurs in 10-20% of new moms
  • first signs can begin earlier but typically start at 3- 6 months and even up to one year after birth
  • sadness
  • loss of interst in normal activity
  • guilt
  • feeling inadequate
  • overly concerned or no concern for baby
  • despair/hopeless
  • panic attacks
  • feeling like you are going crazy

In most cases the partner is the first to recognize these signs please advocate for your new mom and get her the help she will need. Talk to your OB/GYN or midwife about resources in your community. Remember there is nothing to  be ashamed of and this can be resolved so you can enjoy your baby the way you are meant to be.

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