Breastfeeding Benefits for mom and baby

photoAlthough sometimes kept undercover I am a nurse and read up on the latest goings on in the medical community. Here is  excerpts from a refreshing article on breastfeeding from ADVANCE for NURSES  titled” Lessons in Lactation, Nurses promote that breastfeeding  is more than a personal choice”, written by Sandy Keefe, MSN, RN.
·         The difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding should be presented as what the risks of formula feeding is
·          Educate on the risks of what can occur if you do not breastfeed i.e increased risk of osteoporis and ovarian cancer in mom and increased risk for her child to develop

           obesity and Type 1 diabetes
·         Educate moms that newborns get exactly what is needed nutritionally from the breast and do not necessarily need a bottle unless medically indicated
Breastfeeding is often viewed as a personal choice that can bring a number of strong emotions into play., “But breastfeeding is not a personal choice- it s a health decision that impacts the woman and her baby.”

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