Labor support

Even if you, the laboring person is well versed on labor and birth, it is even more important that your support team is. That is when you are counting on your support to be able to guide you and accurately give you an account of your progress. You are  doing the hardest work of your life  you will be vulnerable, even doubting your ability if the right encouragement and advice is not heard.

Many people think that attending childbirth classes is mostly for the mom. Undoubtedly  moms will tune in and handle the contractions better with the knowledge. However,it is her partner ,friends,  family or  anyone attending the birth that really need the education to understand what is normal in labor the many variances and when not to say ” how long is this going to be?”””Have them watch the DVD “Small Wonders Childbirth, Your Positive  Birth Experience” so they can REALLY help you the way you need to be during this amazing event.  Convenient and complete classes all in the comfort of your homewaiting #3

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