Benefits of Vaginal birth

A recent article from a local paper states that researchers found that babies born by cesarean lack beneficial bacteria. The study suggest that babies born by C-section do not acquire the same beneficial bacteria as babies delivered vaginally , therefore are more susceptible to allergies , asthma  and staph infection.

This makes sense as the natural colonoized  bacteria in the vagina  which coats the baby does not happen when delivered by C- section which exposes them to bacteria from people and items exposed in the operating room

I do not write this to alarm you , but rather inform you. Talk to  naturopaths,  acupuncturists, homeopaths  if you have a C-Section to see how  you can  establish that naturally occuring bacteria  to your baby and decrease the chances of them having allergies and asthma.

Making the best choices for your labor and birth  is key  and with positive emotion only  good things will happen

in joy


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