Relaxation techniques during Labor

It is always best to prepare for labor by writing down the things that relax you, this way your partner and  or doula has a good idea of things that you prefer to help you relax instead of them coming up with things on their own. ( most times those do just the opposite since you might not like the things that they find relaxing…)

Relaxtion suggestions for me during labor:

Walking, squatting, ball, bath

gentle touch to my back , legs

Listen to the music

Listen to the sound of your breath

say OM

Visualize the baby descending

Let  go , melt , release

Let your body guide you


Give me sips of water and cool cloths on my forehead

Embrace the strength of all the others who have done this before you, your mother, your grandmothers.

Visualize holding the baby in your arms.

Those are just some suggestions, there are no rules whatever it is you think will relax you is perfect!

in joy



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