Labor and Delivery

ist2_4240119-mother-s-loveOK I admit  it I am a  labor and birth junkie, I get my fix anyway I can. Recently I found myself at home  a lot more than usual as I was nursing back to health my husband and daughter who both recently had  surgery within a few weeks of each other. During their recuperation I found myself watching a little more TV than usual. I came upon the program, “One Born Every  Minute” Whew…. it blew me away how disturbed I was as I sat and watched one scenario after another waiting for some positive moments in any of the births I was watching. It was hard to find, still I continue watch ( yes I am a true junkie)  as my blood would boil and I would shout  “why is isn’t anyone helping this woman?” Please help her to understand what you are telling her, do not be condescending. Help her relax , change positions, have her not feel so vulnerable and full of fear.”

As a labor doula and nurse. I am well aware that the majority of hospitals across the  country are very typical of this scenario. The doctors and nurses are there to “fix” things. Labor usually does not have to be fixed, but understood and trusted. That is why I am strong advocate that woman and their partners take back their power by getting  educated  on childbirth, not so they can be defiant but rather  a  smart consumer. But most of all to have the joyful positive birth you all deserve.

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