Birth doula, do I need one at my birth?

Doula –(Du-La) Etymology:  Greek Female helper,highest servant

Modern day  doula: A woman experienced in childbirth, who provides advice, information, emotional support and comfort to woman before, during and after birth.

For me being at a birth is a true miracle and honor. I  have been truly blessed to be in attendance of so many beautiful births which were not only transforming for the families I assisted but for me as well.

Many couples do not realize that when they get to the  hospital that there is not constant support while you are there, in fact you may alone for very long periods of time which can be difficult for some of  you.

Having doula at your birth can complete your circle of people who will assist with ensuring a healthy an peaceful birth

On one side of you is the person who loves you most and the other side is the person who know birth best. You are in the middle and gain the strength, security and power by having those two pillars on either side.

Clinical studies:

Have found that having a doula at your birth can result in shorter labor with fewer complications

A doula can help reduce the mother’s need for pain medication

A doula can reduce the need for labor intervention and c-sections

A doula can greatly enhance having a positive birth experience!


Words from doula dee

Hiring a doula


Set up a interviews with 2-3 doulas

listen to her philosophy, her tone, personality does it meet your needs or clash, the most important gifts a doula should bring to your birth is that you feel safe

On call availability

Visits before the birth, postpartum what are her goals for those visits.

Experience and references

Does she have a back up doula?



“When she walked in the room I felt safe I could just look in her eyes ,she would shake her head yes, And I knew I could do this”

She got me to focus on relaxing and not to be concerned about any external intrusions, she would relay any information to me at the right time so I remained informed and not worried and was able to keep relaxing

She never left my side, I was safe and knew I could go on

I trusted her experience to help me make the best choice for my birth

Even when I thought “this cannot be normal” she reassured me all was well , that I was doing great, and the baby was doing perfect, .that gave me the power to keep going.

My husband got to support and encourage me and to be excited to be a Dad for he too felt safe knowing someone with experience was there for us.

Besides my boyfriend, she knew me best, she knew my worries and concerns and was able to alleviate them even before I got to worry. It was a great experience for us

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