Childbirth…oh baby!

Here is a great birth  story  to share..

Well, all it took for #3 to come out was a threatened induction!  I saw my doctor on Monday morning at 11am.  I was 4 cm and 80% effaced, and she stripped the membranes and told me she was on call that night.  Then just after 5pm, my contractions started 2-3 minutes apart!

I was home alone, as Eric was in Greeley and my Mom had gone to pick up the little boys from school.  My Mom got home by 5:45 and we drove to the hospital with the little boys in the car.  We got to the hospital at 6:20pm, so I went up to L&D and of course had to go to triage to “prove” I was in labor.  They didn’t take me seriously at first when I told them that I have fast labors, until I convinced the nurse to just check me and skip all of the paperwork.  She got wide eyed and told me I was 9.5cm and not to push … then she went off running to get a wheel chair and get me to a room.  The doctor knew I was on my way, and obviously knew of my fast labors, so she was ready to meet us in the room.  Since Eric wasn’t there yet, my Mom left the little boys at the nurses station and came into the room with me.  The doctor said I could push, and I said “but wait, where is Eric?” … so I waited through that contraction, and he literally came running into the room just before the next contraction.  And with one push, #3 was out at 6:40pm!

It was another perfect delivery story.  #3 is named Levi Eric, weighing in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 19 inches long.  His brothers got to meet him that night, since it all happened so fast.  They love him and are very interested in what all he does.  We came home from the hospital yesterday. I am so grateful for everything that I learned from you.


enjoy and please email with any questions about this story


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