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Here is a handy list of some  tips for labor support , Please pass on some of your helpful tips.


Labor Support Tips:

Moms :

Keep eyes closed during contraction, this keeps distractions to a minimum

Breathe from your abdomen, chest breathing causes hyperventilation

Relax your body , think about letting everything go loose and limp relaxing all of your body parts helps you avoid unnecessary discomfort , just let your uterus contract

Trust your body

Convey any worries or concerns, in between the contractions, try not to talk during the contraction it will prevent you form relaxing


Dads and other labor support team:

Guide her breathing  say “breath with me” and then start breathing with her never tell a laboring woman to BREATHE she will get angry, also holding her breath is typical so you do not want her to do that.

Help her relax,   say“relax your eyes, your neck your shoulders, this give her something to focus on it is hard for her to do this herself

Use guided imagery, massage her using firm strokes ,  pressure  squeeze to her back and sides.hopefully you talked about some of these techniques so you know what she  might like. Remember don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t feel good and she says stop.. just know at that particular time it is best to stop and try something else.

Sit closely, speak softly, tell her you love her.

Offer fluids after each contraction, ice chip,

Don’t ask her to many questions she cannot make decisions, and needs to just concentrate on her work if she doesn’t want something she will say no.., then try something else

Hug her

Praise and encourage her

Change positions, use a birth ball, go into the bath, try hands and knees

Offer cool cloths to her forehead, neck and back

Offer fluids after each contraction, ice chips

Reassure her,” each contraction gets you closer”, “you are doing so great I am so proud of you”,  “soon you will be holding our baby” ( she sometimes forgets why she is doing all of this!)


in joy,


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