Childbirth Education

I knew when he was born he was different, he was my third I thought I had had it all together. He cried A LOT. He cried outside in the light, he cried in places with noise, he cried in his car seat, he cried in his carriage, he threw tantrums that were violent and stripped himself naked down to his cowboy boots in sub freezing temperatures.

I knew he was different and I managed to try to do things to decrease the crying , tantrums and not to worry about his clothes. After all  I loved him , I birthed him he chose me. Did I try to put blame on the doctor who gave me Pitocin to “speed” up  my labor and I did not have the courage to say “no”. Did I think he was mad that he did not get to pick his birthday because of the Pitocin? I have made peace with that, I hope to give woman the power to say “no” to interventions they might not need in labor

I do not usually blog about things other than birth , however some of you might relate to this, your child might be born different.

13 years later he was diagnosed with Aspergers.

Now a brilliant young man of almost 20 years he displays his uniqueness with confidence and understanding

Here are the Top Ten traits with people with Autism/Aspergers

1.Rarely lie

2.Live in the moment

3. Rarely judge others

4. Are passionate

5. Are not tied to social expectations

6.Have terrific memories

7. Are less materialistic

8. Play fewer head games

9. Have fewer agendas

10 Open new doors for neuro-typical people.

In case you or anyone know of someone like this I thought this might help

In joy and appreciation for  teaching me the true meaning of unconditional love, I thank you Jesse


Childbirth Education in the comfort of your home…it doesn’t get any better!

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