Parenting tip from birth and beyond

I just wanted to pass this very powerful quote along. It is a terrificĀ  guide for parenting your child from pregnancy, to infantĀ  & throughout your child’s life. Parenting can be one of the hardest emotional jobs we ever have,and putting your child in the light that you know that they are (even during tougher times) helps to keep you positive and thus passing that on to them.


The child is thinking, and receiving vibrational thought from you on the day that he enters your environment. That is the reason that beliefs are transmitted so easily from parent to child, from parent to child, from parent to child. The child is vibrationally receiving your fears, your beliefs, even without your spoken word… If you want to do that which is of greatest value for your child, give thought only to that which you want, and your child will receive only those wanted thoughts.

— Abraham

Excerpted from “The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham” # 179


as always in joy


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