When will this baby be born?

As I sit and wait for my phone to ring from my doula client who was due 5 days ago  I empathize with all  the pregnant woman who are getting close to the due date or have gone past it and are  waiting for labor . Could  these contractions really be it?  Could today be the day?  As you know the due date is just an estimate, average first time mom goes a week and a day past the due date ( seems like a lifetime ) But please  trust that your  baby knows the perfect time.

Here are some tips that may help you through these last few days..or dare I say weeks?

1. Treat your self to a massage or  pedicure.

2. Go to an afternoon movie , it will be a long time you can catch a chick flick by yourself

3.Take a nap

4.Take a walk  ….remember to stay hydrated

5 Visit with some friends

6. Read a good book

7. Take a prenatal yoga class

8. Journal about  your pregnancy journey

Remember you are only getting closer every day  to having the baby.Embrace these last few days of pregnancy as you make the transition to “mamahood”

Have a Happy Birthday

in joy


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