Prepare your mind and body for childbirth

Many of  us worry about the work of childbirth, being painful ,long, and not being able to do it with out interventions. My philosophy first and foremost is to understand the process , what is normal in labor and how to prepare your mind and body for this event. Much like an athlete who runs marathons or triathlon they do not go to race day with out training. When you know you have trained then you will  have the confidence to trust in your body. You can do hard work and make it look easy.

My client told me that her nurse said that she couldn’t be too far along because she “looked too relaxed” My client then said well isn’t  this what I  am supposed to be doing, relaxing through the contractions? She was 9 cm!

*Get your information through positive childbirth education classes

*Understand your options

*Prepare prior to labor by exercises such as squats, butterflies, pelvic rocks

*Walking , prenatal yoga, &swimming are all great for endurance training

*Stay hydrated, eat well and get your rest

*Balance is the key.

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