Packing list for Birth at a Birth center

This is one of  the tasks  you can do before hand that will help with those of you who like getting things in order.


Pillows .. bring two  take one with you in the car to hug while driving.  then brign them with you as you go into the birth centerPut on colorful cases so you remember to take them home with you as white will blend in with the birth centers decor

Ziplock bag or container with cover ( in case you feel nauseated)

Car seat



birthing clothes that you might want to wear during labor, loose comfortable  or feel free to war the birth centers gown

nightgown for after the baby is born something that snaps in the center for easy assess to breast feeding,

slippers or sandals that you can slip in to

Socks many woman feel very warm during labor however there feet stay cold . Labor fashion naked with socks on!

Nursing bra you can get fitted for a bra at about 36 weeks,  a poor fitting bra will be worse than not wearing one at all

Hair ties.. long hair gets very tangled have your partner keep these in his pocket  as these seem to get lost in the bag.

Lip balm  keep your lips moist another pocket item for your partner

Toiletries, the best feeling is your shower after you have your baby, refreshing

Clothes to wear home… avoid the postpartum cry you will think you can fit back into your pre -pregnant size but  not just yet, usually your maternioty  pants and a  shirt  you wore at about 5 months will work. don’t worry you will soon be back to normal

Sanitary napkins. you will be bleeding that is the lochia the birth centers typically have very large thick pads, you may like the more modern tampons!


Music you already selected or planned, found out what music devices that birth center has

Camera extra batteries, or cord to charge  I always say throw in a disposable camera just in case you were taking some early labor photos at home and leave it behind

Mints… she will be highly sensitive to smells,especially any bad breath

Phone list

Change of clothes, many places let you stay with mom

Swim trunks if there is a jacuzzi in the room you too can go in ,you are more comfortable to lean on then the tub


Clothes to wear home

Recieiving blanket

Diapers of your choice

Undershirt with snaps

Baby book to put in the foot prints



Sport drinks for energy  nothing with too much citrus

honey sticks great for quick energy

Energy bars ( good for mom and partner)

String chesee, pretzels, crackers, cereal  all great quick snacks that you can buy in advance


Ready set and you will be ready to go!

in joy








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