Relax with your birth

I am staring a series of relaxation tips  for you to have. Relaxation is the key to achieve the birth you deserve. However I caution you that without the information & knowledge that a good childbirth class can give you it will be difficult to relax unless you know what is happening is normal and you are not worried. So first… education without fear tactics then relaxation techniques that are simple and work for you.

Here is one, let me know if you like it!

Using your breath:

Get in a comforatable position

Close your eyes

Inhale and let your belly rise, when you exhale it should fall

Inhale and breathe in light,

Exhale and blow away any tension

Continue to breath and become more relaxed, feeling your eyelids getting heavy, let your lips part

Now imagine the warm light traveling from your head to your toes as you inhale

Exhale and blow out any tension that you may have

Inhale  breathing in golden warm  light exhale releasing any tension


Experience the sensation of feeling completely relaxed for a few minutes

When you are ready, take a deep breath  count to five then open your eyes

in joy



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