Relax with your Labor: Progressive Relaxation

Here is the second technique in a series of Relaxation tips for labor.

Enjoy practicing this Progressive Relaxation exercise

This technique will help release muscle tension; body part by body part  you release muscle groups until you achieve complete relaxation. This one takes a little practice but soon it will become easier and then when your partner or doula is using  this technique in labor you will easily remember to “let go” “release” “go limp and loose” “relax” or any other cue works that works for you. This  relaxation technique is  perfect for Early and Active labor

Get into a comfortable position

Close your eyes

Inhale through our nose and exhale letting your belly expand

As you begin to relax let your breathing become a little deeper and slower

 Now squint your eyes

Hold for 5 seconds

Now, release, let your eyelids fall heavy

Tighten your jaw, clench your mouth

Hold for 5 seconds

Now release and let your lips open slightly and part your mouth

Tighten your shoulders push them back or raise them up to your neck

Hold for 5 seconds

Now let go and fell your shoulders go limp

 Tighten the muscles of your arms and clench your fist

Hold for 5 seconds

Relax and let go open your hands, let your fingers go loose

Tighten your pelvis (do a kegal)

Hold for 5 seconds

Now release

Tighten your legs and crunch your toes

Hold for 5 seconds

Now release

Now continue taking a few deep breathes breathing in energy and light and releasing any tension you may feel in your body, understanding the difference of feeling the tightness versus the relaxation or letting go

Enjoy this feeling of relaxation from your head to your toes, as you know you can use this to relax with your contractions

Smile, breathe, slowly count to five and open your eyes

  in joy


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