Childbirth Education… Do I choose Lamaze or Bradley method?

As a  first time mom I was taught Lamaze and hyperventilated, as a childbirth educator I first studied that Bradley method . I enjoyed most of the education however the feedback from many clients was they felt they had failed if by chance the did not have a “natural childbirth” perhaps choosing an epidural or having a c-section.  Nobody fails at their birth, no matter what the choices that you made if you know you made the right one for your unique birth then it is  all perfect.. That is how Small Wonders Childbirth Education evolved, years of teaching and being at births led me to understand what women and their partners really need  to know , and what they really want is a positive birth experience.

Understanding your bodies instincts  in pregnancy and birth

Trust in your body ,taking  time to embrace the life inside

Knowledge on what is normal for labor  to give you the power emotionally & physically

Techniques  for relaxation  that are non scripted, no hyperventilating , & unique to you

Positive affirmations

Understanding your choices both traditional and non traditional to make the best choices for your birth .

All birth is natural!

in joy,


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