Eating during labor

The main reason most hospitals restrict eating during labor is that they treat your labor as “medical” thus if you need a C-section you will not have any complications from anesthesia. the truth is that  most c-sections are not done under general anesthesia and if you do need that emergency c-section they will give you  something that will dry up your secretions to prevent aspiration. With that  said read on to understand why eating and drinking during labor is your choice


More harm takes place when women are forbidden to eat during labor. A lack of energy, first and foremost, to do the single most physically challenging task that her body will ever accomplish is a great harm. Also, a lack of dignity and respect exists when an adult woman who is transitioning into motherhood has been forbidden to eat.

Eating and drinking during labor can increase energy and prevent dehydration.

Listen to what your body tells you is the best advice for eating or not during labor

suggestions for foods during labor

chicken or vegetable broth



honey sticks

fruit fresh or dried

red raspberry leaf tea

What was your favorite food during labor?

warm wishes



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