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infant tub time


Used by thousands of midwives and doulas since 1996, learn more about how the Original TummyTub eases the transition from the comfort of the mother’s womb to the outside world.  Babies naturally adopt the fetal position and quickly calm and relax!  Made in Europe and surpassing all saftey standards, the TummyTub is catching on with American midwives and is starting to be used in birthing centers, hospitals, and homes across the country!

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We offer special pricing and offers to anyone related to the natural birth and parenting industry, including: midwives, doulas, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, childbirth & parenting instructors, lactation consultants, instructors of special needs/premature babies groups, and natural/attachment parenting groups.  Please email: [email protected] for more information!

pregnancy tea

Sitting with my cup of tea on a winter morning I  thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, the most safe and widely used of all the uterine – pregnancy  herbs.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea can  be brewed as a tea or infusion and is easily found on your local stores  shelves. Be sure to look  for the   Red Raspberry LEAF which contains  Vitamin  C, Vitamin E  Calcium , Iron ,  Vitamin  A, B complex  phosphorus and potassium

Benefits of during Red Raspberry Leaf tea before and  during pregnancy:

  • helps increase fertility
  • prevents miscarriage/hemorrhage  it tones the uterus and helps makes a strong uterus  which decreases postpartum bleeding
  • relief of nausea /morning sickness
  • allows the uterus to work efficiently during labor

Enjoy your cup of tea for its pleasant taste and wonderful pregnancy benefits !

reduce postpartum depression symptoms

From the Washington  Post , a study published January 2009 states, a randomly assigned group of  4,084 new mothers who have 2 months of one hour weekly visits at home from a health care worker trained in counseling and therapy or someone  who would provide traditional postnatal care .It was  found that 40 % were less likely to still be depressed at 6 months then were someone who had not had therapy  from their health care worker.  Visits started  at about 8 weeks after giving birth.

Birth : positive moms=positive babies

Today when I turned on the news I got frightened about the weather! Imagine we are living in a  society that makes us fearful for our well being.

 Working in the hospital setting  I became very familiar with what can go wrong,  and doctors  are  filling woman’s head with fear of labor and birth and not to trust their own bodies. That is why  I want to help woman  know what can go RIGHT. That is what I teach. Helping women and their partners understand the process of labor and birth and giving them the ability to trust the natural process and to make the best choices for their unique birth experience

Being positve is so important daily and even more so upon the yearly  celebrations of your childrens birth. You will always remember that day, maybe not all the details but  the bulk of it. That is why enpowering woman and their partners is so important to me , because having a positive birth experience sets  the path for a joyous  parenting