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26 years ago, when I was 26  I was giving birth to my first born son, Ian. Not only did I give life to another, I gave a new meaning of life to myself.  The birth of my son transformed me in ways I could have never imagined. First  was the amazing feeling of empowerment  I got from laboring, the hard work and exhilaration was one I will never forget. Second was the ability to love someone unconditionally while figuring out the best way to  be a good mother is to follow my heart.

Twenty six years and I can remember most of my labor and birth  like it was yesterday. Make your birth the positive one it should be . You all deserve it.

with apprecitation and joy


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A Birth To Remember

The reason why you should have a positive birth experience? Because you will always remember that day no matter how short or long ago it was.

Twenty three years ago my daughter was born, my second. When I awoke with a “stomach ache” at 12:00 midnight, I was upset becuase I was exhausted from a busy day of nesting,  and angry that I ate processed food at a neighbors BBQ  that gave me that stomach ache!. I went back to sleep. Four  hours later I awoke and said “Oh this is not a stomach ache it it labor.” With a traditional shower before heading off to the hopsital preparing myself mentally for  what was happening,  we got our first childs grandparents over and left at 5:00 am. “TEN centimeters  shouted the time to plug in the music, you are ready to push”. I pushed and breathed her out  and at 5:58 my beautiful Erika Skye was born. Full of wisdom and peace is how I remember my first moments with my daughter, we did it together.

Remember your birth with love and smiles

Prepare yourself with the education you need

in joy


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