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Parenting tip from birth and beyond

I just wanted to pass this very powerful quote along. It is a terrific  guide for parenting your child from pregnancy, to infant  & throughout your child’s life. Parenting can be one of the hardest emotional jobs we ever have,and putting your child in the light that you know that they are (even during tougher times) helps to keep you positive and thus passing that on to them.


The child is thinking, and receiving vibrational thought from you on the day that he enters your environment. That is the reason that beliefs are transmitted so easily from parent to child, from parent to child, from parent to child. The child is vibrationally receiving your fears, your beliefs, even without your spoken word… If you want to do that which is of greatest value for your child, give thought only to that which you want, and your child will receive only those wanted thoughts.

— Abraham

Excerpted from “The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham” # 179


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Birth: make it a positive event

Today when I turned on the news I got frightened about the weather! We are living in a  society that makes us fearful for our well being on most levels.

Working in the hospital  I became all to  familiar with what is said about what can go wrong in labor.

Many doctors & nurses while thinking it is their best intention are telling woman what can possibly go wrong. This  fills  her mind with fear of labor and birth which during this vulnerable time causes her to lose her perspective  to trust the process.

That is why  I want to help woman  know what can go RIGHT. That is what I teach. Helping women and their partners understand the  process of labor and birth and giving them the ability to trust the natural process and to make the best choices for their unique birth experience.

I want you to celebrate your childs birthday with a positive memory, one with no regrets.   Having a positive birth experience sets  the path for  joyous  parenting.

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When will this baby be born?

As I sit and wait for my phone to ring from my doula client who was due 5 days ago  I empathize with all  the pregnant woman who are getting close to the due date or have gone past it and are  waiting for labor . Could  these contractions really be it?  Could today be the day?  As you know the due date is just an estimate, average first time mom goes a week and a day past the due date ( seems like a lifetime ) But please  trust that your  baby knows the perfect time.

Here are some tips that may help you through these last few days..or dare I say weeks?

1. Treat your self to a massage or  pedicure.

2. Go to an afternoon movie , it will be a long time you can catch a chick flick by yourself

3.Take a nap

4.Take a walk  ….remember to stay hydrated

5 Visit with some friends

6. Read a good book

7. Take a prenatal yoga class

8. Journal about  your pregnancy journey

Remember you are only getting closer every day  to having the baby.Embrace these last few days of pregnancy as you make the transition to “mamahood”

Have a Happy Birthday

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Small Wonders Childbirth

Childbirth tips for having a positive birth

Five tips to have the Positive Birth you deserve.

Choose what information you hear about feels best for you. Do this by   making a complete circle of support for your pregnancy. Include your medical professionals, doctors or midwives, community classes for parents to be, your childbirth educator, your doula, your friends and family, and a few good books.

  • Stay healthy during your pregnancy .Nourish you and your baby’s body with clean and nutritious food. . Keep yourself hydrated and take time to rest when you need to. Of course allow yourself to indulge in some of your unique cravings.
  • Flood your body with endorphins, natures natural high while staying in   great shape for the athletic event of labor. Take walks or hikes, prenatal swimming and prenatal yoga is another great way to work out while meeting other woman.
  • Write down your Birth wishes, what you desire for your birth always with the intention of a healthy and joyful birth. Sit down with your partner and compose your wishes something like “We prefer to labor in a quiet and dimly  lit room”
  • Meditate daily while you say your daily affirmation. You will learn to trust your instincts, your inner wisdom and your body.

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Childbirth Classes designed for you

1. Knowledge is power, the information you receive should increase your knowledge thereby decreasing your fears or worries

2. Understanding what is normal for labor . you cannot control your labor but you can control how much you  relax

3. To be able to  make the best choices for you and your own unique experience

4. To have a positive birth you deserve  one you will always  remember with  empowerment,  joy and love

Small Wonders Childbirth Education DVD is not governed by Lamaze or Bradley techniques, rather it evolved from my attendance  of over 300 births and what really works for woman.  Designed by woman and their  partners in labor to achieve a positive birth… what could be better!


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