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Make It A Zen Pregnancy and Labor

Zen Pregnancy
Your guide to staying cool, calm and energized as you grow your baby
Great information  for your pregnancy and labor
You and your body will undergo more physical, mental and emotional changes during pregnancy than almost any other time in your life. For some women, reading the multitude of “what to expect” guides is empowering; for others, all of that information fills them with fear and paranoia.

Learning to relax and enjoy the journey can be an empowering and delightful experience. Follow these tips for a zen-like pregnancy, trimester by trimester.


Most women begin prenatal care around weeks 8 to 12 of pregnancy. This is the time to set the stage for a healthy and supported pregnancy. Women who get early and regular prenatal care have the best possible outcomes, research shows.

Schedule your first prenatal visit, which will typically be your longest.

Take your partner along for every possible prenatal visit: A University of Missouri researcher, Mansoo Yu, has found that stress related to pregnancy uniquely affects the expectant fathers too, which in turn, influences the health of expectant mothers and their infants. Get dad on the same page with you and baby for best outcomes for all.


Exercise is a natural stress-reliever in pregnancy. The 2nd trimester brings with it a rush of new energy and a revived sense of wellbeing. This is the perfect time to capitalize on new research that shows not only does exercise in pregnancy do mom’s body good, it also strengthens your baby’s heart in a way that protects him post-birth, say University of Kansas Medical Center Researchers, who demonstrated regular prenatal exercise strengthens fetal heart rates.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity at least 3 times a week for both your and your baby’s benefit.

Be active everyday in some way, even if just for a walk upon waking or after dinner.


This is it, the home stretch—the last third of your pregnancy. This is the time to begin to prepare for labor and birth, and there’s no better way than taking childbirth education classes. Research shows that women who have an educated and general sense of what labor will be like are more relaxed and less fearful, which can also help in dealing with labor pain.

  • Schedule a tour of your desired birthing facility to get familiar with the surroundings.
  • Take a class on labor pain management and natural, vaginal birth.
  • Bring your partner along so that you both feel confident about the upcoming big event.

Birth… Develop A View Of A Positive Birth

When you develop a positive attitude about birth you then take the first step in ensuring a safe and positive birth experience.  Eliminate the false premises that others may have inflicted and begin to take on your own views and responsibility to your thought

Birth is a natural process, not a medical event

Birth is a normal process ,not an illness

Birth is a celebration of life

You are the center of your birth, make the best choices for your  experience


In celebration of the joyful birth you are about to have




Maybe it  does not seem like being pregnant  on bed rest and being in the military have anything in common, but it actually does when it comes to finding the best childbirth education classes to fit your needs. Small Wonders Childbirth series is your complete labor, birth and postpartum preparation that you can watch at your convenience without leaving your home , on your own schedule ,and  can view as many times as you need.  Taught by a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator , birth doula, & mom  my goal is that you & your partner understand what is normal in birth so you can relax, trust ,and have the positive birth you deserve.

in joy


“Make the best choices for a positive birth and a healthy baby”

January  2012 a new day, a new month, a new year for new resolutions. Perhaps 2012 is the year you are thinking of becoming pregnant, are pregnant or became a brand new parent. Why not make this the year you choose to discard any opinions that do not feel right to you about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Toss away those worries and misconceptions and flow with your new life transition in peace and appreciation.

As a childbirth educator, I have the honor of preparing and educating pregnant woman and their partners for their upcoming labor and birth. As a birth doula I am blessed in being able to provide physical and emotional support during labor and to witness the miracle of life.

In my DVD series , “SMALL WONDERS CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION, YOUR POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE” I explain that pregnancy is a time for transformation, for woman to embrace their changing bodies, and to roll with what, at times, can be challenging , however normal variances of pregnancy. (OK , I know morning sickness is not really fun!) Having  an understanding of the trimester’s transitions helps prepare you for recognizing you and your baby’s ability to work together. Nature has designed the labor stages perfectly for you. The hard work of labor will get you to a place of surrender. Then as you listen to your body you recognize the urge to bear down. Soon you will feel your baby’s head emerge from your body as you get a glimpse of their face with eyes wide open. The rest of their body soon slips out and this new life is placed skin to skin against your body, a time you will never forget. Your baby’s birthday will be remembered with love and smiling tears.

Make the resolution to shower yourself with positive energy. Recite a positive affirmation daily as you embrace your pregnancy with wisdom and trust, your labor and birth with confidence and power, and parenthood with love and joy



“We are able to make the best choices for a positive birth and a healthy baby”

Childbirth tips for having a positive birth

Five tips to have the Positive Birth you deserve.

Choose what information you hear about feels best for you. Do this by   making a complete circle of support for your pregnancy. Include your medical professionals, doctors or midwives, community classes for parents to be, your childbirth educator, your doula, your friends and family, and a few good books.

  • Stay healthy during your pregnancy .Nourish you and your baby’s body with clean and nutritious food. . Keep yourself hydrated and take time to rest when you need to. Of course allow yourself to indulge in some of your unique cravings.
  • Flood your body with endorphins, natures natural high while staying in   great shape for the athletic event of labor. Take walks or hikes, prenatal swimming and prenatal yoga is another great way to work out while meeting other woman.
  • Write down your Birth wishes, what you desire for your birth always with the intention of a healthy and joyful birth. Sit down with your partner and compose your wishes something like “We prefer to labor in a quiet and dimly  lit room”
  • Meditate daily while you say your daily affirmation. You will learn to trust your instincts, your inner wisdom and your body.

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in joy