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Birth wishes for your labor

This article from Time magazine is a good reason to talk to your doctor or midwife about delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord, most doctors are taught that “too many ” red blood cells will get to the baby if they do not clamp right away, however this is difficult to detect and  the benefits of getting every bit of placental blood and the more positive respiratory status is one that seems to be the best solution for baby.

The lungs of most newborn infants begin to work exactly on schedule. But among some babies, particularly the premature, the lungs fail to expand properly. The chest sags, breathing is rapid and the child turns blue. Many deaths during the first week after birth are attributable to this condition, which doctors describe as the “respiratory distress syndrome.”

Obstetricians have long noted that babies suffering from such troubles either were delivered by Caesarean section, or were premature infants, or born of diabetic mothers. But in the A.M.A. Journal, a group of pediatricians* from the University of California suggests that the most important factor is the time at which the obstetrician clamps and cuts the infant’s umbilical cord.

The California pediatricians base their theory on a study of 129 infants. Among 41 whose umbilical cords were clamped before they took their second breath, 21 showed moderate to severe respiratory distress. In another group of 52 infants whose umbilicals had been clamped some time after the second breath, only six suffered the same symptoms. The condition of the infants who retained their umbilical cords longest was by far the best.

There are sound reasons, say the doctors, for a slowdown in cutting the umbilical cord. Delay allows a gradual change from fetal to regular circulation without putting stress on blood vessels in the lungs and elsewhere in the body. The carefree manner in which the newly born infant is “disconnected” from his mother, concludes the report, “is in sharp contrast to the meticulous care with which the thoracic surgeon separates his patient from the heart-lung machine.”

* Drs. Arthur J. Moss, Edward Duffle Jr. and Leonard M. Pagan of Los Angeles.

Benefits of Vaginal birth

A recent article from a local paper states that researchers found that babies born by cesarean lack beneficial bacteria. The study suggest that babies born by C-section do not acquire the same beneficial bacteria as babies delivered vaginally , therefore are more susceptible to allergies , asthma  and staph infection.

This makes sense as the natural colonoized  bacteria in the vagina  which coats the baby does not happen when delivered by C- section which exposes them to bacteria from people and items exposed in the operating room

I do not write this to alarm you , but rather inform you. Talk to  naturopaths,  acupuncturists, homeopaths  if you have a C-Section to see how  you can  establish that naturally occuring bacteria  to your baby and decrease the chances of them having allergies and asthma.

Making the best choices for your labor and birth  is key  and with positive emotion only  good things will happen

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Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage

ist1_4583681-young-pregnant-woman-against-a-blue-skyIn my childbirth education video my back up doula and certified  prenatal massage therapist Cara Sanders  talks about the benefits of massage while you are pregnant. I include this therapy along with others for you to be informed of as many resources that you can benefit from while pregnant. Prenatal massage not only can decrease normal pregnancy discomforts, it will  enhance your pregnancy experience.

  • reduces swelling
  • reduces back and joint pain
  • improves your circulation
  • helps you sleep better
  • decreases stress

Cara and other massage therapists note woman who have  regular prenatal  massage have a better labor experience .

Be sure to have a massage therapist specially trained  in prenatal massage. If you have any concerns if massage is safe for your pregnancy it is  always OK to ask your doctor or midwife.

So go ahead book a deserve it!

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pregnancy tea

Sitting with my cup of tea on a winter morning I  thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, the most safe and widely used of all the uterine – pregnancy  herbs.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea can  be brewed as a tea or infusion and is easily found on your local stores  shelves. Be sure to look  for the   Red Raspberry LEAF which contains  Vitamin  C, Vitamin E  Calcium , Iron ,  Vitamin  A, B complex  phosphorus and potassium

Benefits of during Red Raspberry Leaf tea before and  during pregnancy:

  • helps increase fertility
  • prevents miscarriage/hemorrhage  it tones the uterus and helps makes a strong uterus  which decreases postpartum bleeding
  • relief of nausea /morning sickness
  • allows the uterus to work efficiently during labor

Enjoy your cup of tea for its pleasant taste and wonderful pregnancy benefits !