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Expecting Parents

Did you know? Every minute in the  US 130 babies are born; 190,000 are born each day; just over 4 million are born each year. Pregnancy—and parenthood—is an event that makes the world go around

Make it a healthy and joyful one,


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Maybe it  does not seem like being pregnant  on bed rest and being in the military have anything in common, but it actually does when it comes to finding the best childbirth education classes to fit your needs. Small Wonders Childbirth series is your complete labor, birth and postpartum preparation that you can watch at your convenience without leaving your home , on your own schedule ,and  can view as many times as you need.  Taught by a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator , birth doula, & mom  my goal is that you & your partner understand what is normal in birth so you can relax, trust ,and have the positive birth you deserve.

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Childbirth tips for having a positive birth

Five tips to have the Positive Birth you deserve.

Choose what information you hear about feels best for you. Do this by   making a complete circle of support for your pregnancy. Include your medical professionals, doctors or midwives, community classes for parents to be, your childbirth educator, your doula, your friends and family, and a few good books.

  • Stay healthy during your pregnancy .Nourish you and your baby’s body with clean and nutritious food. . Keep yourself hydrated and take time to rest when you need to. Of course allow yourself to indulge in some of your unique cravings.
  • Flood your body with endorphins, natures natural high while staying in   great shape for the athletic event of labor. Take walks or hikes, prenatal swimming and prenatal yoga is another great way to work out while meeting other woman.
  • Write down your Birth wishes, what you desire for your birth always with the intention of a healthy and joyful birth. Sit down with your partner and compose your wishes something like “We prefer to labor in a quiet and dimly  lit room”
  • Meditate daily while you say your daily affirmation. You will learn to trust your instincts, your inner wisdom and your body.

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26 years ago, when I was 26  I was giving birth to my first born son, Ian. Not only did I give life to another, I gave a new meaning of life to myself.  The birth of my son transformed me in ways I could have never imagined. First  was the amazing feeling of empowerment  I got from laboring, the hard work and exhilaration was one I will never forget. Second was the ability to love someone unconditionally while figuring out the best way to  be a good mother is to follow my heart.

Twenty six years and I can remember most of my labor and birth  like it was yesterday. Make your birth the positive one it should be . You all deserve it.

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A Birth To Remember

The reason why you should have a positive birth experience? Because you will always remember that day no matter how short or long ago it was.

Twenty three years ago my daughter was born, my second. When I awoke with a “stomach ache” at 12:00 midnight, I was upset becuase I was exhausted from a busy day of nesting,  and angry that I ate processed food at a neighbors BBQ  that gave me that stomach ache!. I went back to sleep. Four  hours later I awoke and said “Oh this is not a stomach ache it it labor.” With a traditional shower before heading off to the hopsital preparing myself mentally for  what was happening,  we got our first childs grandparents over and left at 5:00 am. “TEN centimeters  shouted the time to plug in the music, you are ready to push”. I pushed and breathed her out  and at 5:58 my beautiful Erika Skye was born. Full of wisdom and peace is how I remember my first moments with my daughter, we did it together.

Remember your birth with love and smiles

Prepare yourself with the education you need

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