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breasteeding for todays parents

These words of wisdom come from Stepanie Moores website she is the owner of Becoming Mohters in Boulder, Co and you might recognize her  from the Small Wonders Childbirth DVD and her advice on breastfeeding she offers. Ifyou are in the  Denver/Boulder area be sure to check out her wonderful store    in joy dee*


Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing- BUT the reality is, there may be times, whether by necessity or choice, when you need to offer your baby a bottle. Finding a method that works for you and your baby (without sabotaging your breastfeeding routine) can be tricky. Although many companies claim their bottles are most like breastfeeding, no bottle nipple style is right for every baby.


Balancing Breast & Bottle: Reaching Your Breastfeeding Goal

by Amy Peterson, IBCLC, and Mindy Harmer, CCC-SL

Authors Amy Peterson and Mindy Harmer help mothers solve the dilemma of how to feed a breastfed baby during separation, while protecting the breastfeeding relationship and making sure that every mother can reach her breastfeeding goals. The authors’ combined professions of International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Speech-Language Pathologist bring two unique and informed perspectives in selecting and using artificial nipples for a breastfed baby. They will also address the following common concerns:

  • How a baby’s suck can be used to select the best bottle nipple?
  • Tips for collecting, storing, and stockpiling milk are included, along with various pumping scenarios to ensure that the baby’s bottles are loaded with as much breastmilk as possible.
  • How to find the ideal balance between breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding for their own family











Breastfeeding Benefits for mom and baby

photoAlthough sometimes kept undercover I am a nurse and read up on the latest goings on in the medical community. Here is  excerpts from a refreshing article on breastfeeding from ADVANCE for NURSES  titled” Lessons in Lactation, Nurses promote that breastfeeding  is more than a personal choice”, written by Sandy Keefe, MSN, RN.
·         The difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding should be presented as what the risks of formula feeding is
·          Educate on the risks of what can occur if you do not breastfeed i.e increased risk of osteoporis and ovarian cancer in mom and increased risk for her child to develop

           obesity and Type 1 diabetes
·         Educate moms that newborns get exactly what is needed nutritionally from the breast and do not necessarily need a bottle unless medically indicated
Breastfeeding is often viewed as a personal choice that can bring a number of strong emotions into play., “But breastfeeding is not a personal choice- it s a health decision that impacts the woman and her baby.”

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breastfeeding why it is best for your baby

While working at my “day” job a young co worker came up to me and said  “Why is breastfeeding important , so many of my friends are choosing to give their babies formula ” .   Of course I came up with all my  calculations and information I know about the importance of breast feeding . But what came to mind quickest  was the quote a favorite pediatrician  told me  while doing a well check for my third child 18 years ago.  It really resonated “Why would you feed your baby cows milk, do you want your baby  to grow up  to be a cow” It is that simple  Milk is species specific, human babies need human milk

Human milk is made of 1.2 %protien, 3.8% fat, 7 %carb am 87.6 % water which is  the perfect amount of nutrition  your baby needs.

Prepare for breastfeeding by attending a class  and reading some books  prior to your  baby being born and  then make sure you  connect with people to support you  during the time you are breastfeeding

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