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I have been thrilled and grateful that so many of you have chosen my childbirth DVD to educate yourself and enhance your joyous birth experience. Research confirms that a positive birth experience supports  health and happiness throughout your child’s life. So you made the perfect choice.

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Make It A Zen Pregnancy and Labor

Zen Pregnancy
Your guide to staying cool, calm and energized as you grow your baby
Great information  for your pregnancy and labor
You and your body will undergo more physical, mental and emotional changes during pregnancy than almost any other time in your life. For some women, reading the multitude of “what to expect” guides is empowering; for others, all of that information fills them with fear and paranoia.

Learning to relax and enjoy the journey can be an empowering and delightful experience. Follow these tips for a zen-like pregnancy, trimester by trimester.


Most women begin prenatal care around weeks 8 to 12 of pregnancy. This is the time to set the stage for a healthy and supported pregnancy. Women who get early and regular prenatal care have the best possible outcomes, research shows.

Schedule your first prenatal visit, which will typically be your longest.

Take your partner along for every possible prenatal visit: A University of Missouri researcher, Mansoo Yu, has found that stress related to pregnancy uniquely affects the expectant fathers too, which in turn, influences the health of expectant mothers and their infants. Get dad on the same page with you and baby for best outcomes for all.


Exercise is a natural stress-reliever in pregnancy. The 2nd trimester brings with it a rush of new energy and a revived sense of wellbeing. This is the perfect time to capitalize on new research that shows not only does exercise in pregnancy do mom’s body good, it also strengthens your baby’s heart in a way that protects him post-birth, say University of Kansas Medical Center Researchers, who demonstrated regular prenatal exercise strengthens fetal heart rates.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity at least 3 times a week for both your and your baby’s benefit.

Be active everyday in some way, even if just for a walk upon waking or after dinner.


This is it, the home stretch—the last third of your pregnancy. This is the time to begin to prepare for labor and birth, and there’s no better way than taking childbirth education classes. Research shows that women who have an educated and general sense of what labor will be like are more relaxed and less fearful, which can also help in dealing with labor pain.

  • Schedule a tour of your desired birthing facility to get familiar with the surroundings.
  • Take a class on labor pain management and natural, vaginal birth.
  • Bring your partner along so that you both feel confident about the upcoming big event.


I remember meeting with a couple who had many questions about childbirth classes, hiring a doula &where the best place to birth was. What resonates most is the expectant dad and his desire to be immersed in the pregnancy, he even went to prenatal yoga classes with his wife,now that is dedication.

The importance of having the new dad feel a part of the pregnancy before the baby is born is huge and will set the path for embracing the new miracle that is about to happen.

Dads can be involved by going to prenatal visits, childbirth classes are essential to understanding his role in labor and birth Reading , singing, or talking to the baby will be so special because the baby will recognize Dads voice when he /she is born. Understanding that he too can comfort the baby  before he passes the baby off to Mom for breastfeeding, cuddling, putting the knuckle of his pinkie for the baby to suckle until Mom gets ready, changing diapers, and learning infant massage for a very special bond

Lastly, Dads are the first ones to pick up on if Mom is having any postpartum depression signs. This is nothing to be ashamed of so make sure you are proactive and get the help she needs so you, mom and baby can have the joyous journey of parenthood that you all deserve.

in joy,




Managing the Art of Labor and Birth

I have been known to compare labor and birth to many thing like going to  the dentist and  not getting novacaine to see if mental imagary really works   ( it did but all you get is a silver filling at  the end, not as great as a baby!) So yesterday while taking a spinning class we were doing intervals, they came every minute lasting one minute and we did this for about 15 minutes. I started thinking of the laboring woman a contraction lasting 60 seconds and how you can distract the mind by  listening to music, hearing someone talking to you with encouraging words,  knowing 30 seconds have past and that you will great a break soon. Never discounting the work you do is hard but staying strong remembering the miracle  at the end and that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

As each interval (contraction) approached I thought that each one brought me closer to the end ( closer to holding your baby in your arms)

Feel strong and proud,that is how I felt at the end of class.

in joy