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Pregnancy and Group B Strep Testing


¨GBS is a type of bacteria that some woman carry as part of their normal vaginal flora

¨In the USA, pregnant woman are screened for the presence of GBS between 35-37 weeks

¨Some women who carry GBS can pass the bacteria on to their infants during birth and RARELY, these infants can sick with Early Onset GBS disease.

¨Woman who test positive for GBS are informed and will be offered IV antibiotics when they are in active labor


Now  that you know some of the basics and I know you may have more  questions ,but what I wanted to pass on to you even more importantly is



As many of you know I believe being proactive has a positive effect on the mind and body so after searching for a long time  Ifound these tips to pass on to you to help decrease your worries of GBS.


Start at 32 weeks since most of you are screened between 35 & 37 weeks.  Use one, all ,or a combination of any of these.


Probiotics take one per day

Echinacea 3x a day with food

Vitamin C 500mg daily

Garlic –eat fresh garlic daily preferably raw and organic (crush in salads, soup etc)

Burdock Root & Echinacea Root infusion:

Steep 0.5 oz of Burdock and Echinacea in 4 cups boiling water. Steep for 2 hours. Strain. Drink one cup daily. Store any extra to drink the next day.


Enjoy these healthy remedies while boosting your immunity and decreasing overgrowth of GBS.


In joy,




Managing the Art of Labor and Birth

I have been known to compare labor and birth to many thing like going to  the dentist and  not getting novacaine to see if mental imagary really works   ( it did but all you get is a silver filling at  the end, not as great as a baby!) So yesterday while taking a spinning class we were doing intervals, they came every minute lasting one minute and we did this for about 15 minutes. I started thinking of the laboring woman a contraction lasting 60 seconds and how you can distract the mind by  listening to music, hearing someone talking to you with encouraging words,  knowing 30 seconds have past and that you will great a break soon. Never discounting the work you do is hard but staying strong remembering the miracle  at the end and that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

As each interval (contraction) approached I thought that each one brought me closer to the end ( closer to holding your baby in your arms)

Feel strong and proud,that is how I felt at the end of class.

in joy


Birth… Develop A View Of A Positive Birth

When you develop a positive attitude about birth you then take the first step in ensuring a safe and positive birth experience.  Eliminate the false premises that others may have inflicted and begin to take on your own views and responsibility to your thought

Birth is a natural process, not a medical event

Birth is a normal process ,not an illness

Birth is a celebration of life

You are the center of your birth, make the best choices for your  experience


In celebration of the joyful birth you are about to have



Benefits of Vaginal birth

A recent article from a local paper states that researchers found that babies born by cesarean lack beneficial bacteria. The study suggest that babies born by C-section do not acquire the same beneficial bacteria as babies delivered vaginally , therefore are more susceptible to allergies , asthma  and staph infection.

This makes sense as the natural colonoized  bacteria in the vagina  which coats the baby does not happen when delivered by C- section which exposes them to bacteria from people and items exposed in the operating room

I do not write this to alarm you , but rather inform you. Talk to  naturopaths,  acupuncturists, homeopaths  if you have a C-Section to see how  you can  establish that naturally occuring bacteria  to your baby and decrease the chances of them having allergies and asthma.

Making the best choices for your labor and birth  is key  and with positive emotion only  good things will happen

in joy