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I have been thrilled and grateful that so many of you have chosen my childbirth DVD to educate yourself and enhance your joyous birth experience. Research confirms that a positive birth experience supports  health and happiness throughout your child’s life. So you made the perfect choice.

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I remember meeting with a couple who had many questions about childbirth classes, hiring a doula &where the best place to birth was. What resonates most is the expectant dad and his desire to be immersed in the pregnancy, he even went to prenatal yoga classes with his wife,now that is dedication.

The importance of having the new dad feel a part of the pregnancy before the baby is born is huge and will set the path for embracing the new miracle that is about to happen.

Dads can be involved by going to prenatal visits, childbirth classes are essential to understanding his role in labor and birth Reading , singing, or talking to the baby will be so special because the baby will recognize Dads voice when he /she is born. Understanding that he too can comfort the baby  before he passes the baby off to Mom for breastfeeding, cuddling, putting the knuckle of his pinkie for the baby to suckle until Mom gets ready, changing diapers, and learning infant massage for a very special bond

Lastly, Dads are the first ones to pick up on if Mom is having any postpartum depression signs. This is nothing to be ashamed of so make sure you are proactive and get the help she needs so you, mom and baby can have the joyous journey of parenthood that you all deserve.

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Co-Sleeping , being close to your heart

It makes so much sense that your baby sleeps better when they are close to your heart… do what feels right for you and your family, and not to be governed by fears.

Dr. Sears Addresses Recent Co-Sleeping Concerns

Every night millions of mothers and babies the world over sleep close to each other, and the babies wake up just fine.  Instead of alarming conscientious parents, like the recent shocking and insensitive ad campaign in Milwaukee did, as reported in the Journal Sentinel, sleep advisors should be teaching parents how to co-sleep safely.

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Wizpert is a company that provides a FREE   hotline for your questions about anything from parenting, pregnancy , relationships ,health from a panel of experts.. I am one of those experts !

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also  check outhttp://  you can ask for me it is all powered by Skype  & I can answer your questions.

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Breastfeeding Benefits for mom and baby

photoAlthough sometimes kept undercover I am a nurse and read up on the latest goings on in the medical community. Here is  excerpts from a refreshing article on breastfeeding from ADVANCE for NURSES  titled” Lessons in Lactation, Nurses promote that breastfeeding  is more than a personal choice”, written by Sandy Keefe, MSN, RN.
·         The difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding should be presented as what the risks of formula feeding is
·          Educate on the risks of what can occur if you do not breastfeed i.e increased risk of osteoporis and ovarian cancer in mom and increased risk for her child to develop

           obesity and Type 1 diabetes
·         Educate moms that newborns get exactly what is needed nutritionally from the breast and do not necessarily need a bottle unless medically indicated
Breastfeeding is often viewed as a personal choice that can bring a number of strong emotions into play., “But breastfeeding is not a personal choice- it s a health decision that impacts the woman and her baby.”

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