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Attachment Parenting

Please enjoy this article on attachment parenting, I would love to hear your thoughts on this philosphy


Highlighting Attachment Parenting

The decision to follow the style of attachment parenting has become an increasingly popular choice among today’s mothers. Although attachment parenting has seen a recent gain in popularity, many mothers and mothers-to-be are unaware of the concept and how the parenting style compares to a more traditional style. It is helpful for many women to have an indifferent source to compare parenting styles so they can make the best decision for their family.

The main component of attachment parenting is focused upon the mother providing for the child’s basic needs while fostering a strong emotional bond beginning very early on. This style of parenting begins when a mother is pregnant and making decisions on her delivery experience. Deciding whether to use pain medications, whether to utilize umbilical cord blood banking and when and how many immunizations will be administered will all affect the delivery experience and how soon a mother can begin bonding with her baby.

These are some of the key elements of attachment parenting:

  • The parent is encouraged to remain within close distance of their child during all tasks, including sleeping and feeding. Within attachment parenting, the mother’s role is to assess what is best for the child by responding to the child’s external cues. It is also her role to be seen as a nurturing provider to the child.
  • Breastfeeding for how ever long the child desires is common. For example, if the mother doesn’t feel as though her child has expressed a need to discontinue breastfeeding, regardless of the child’s age, she will continue to breastfeed.
  • Co-sleeping or bed sharing. To practice co-sleeping, the mother has the child in the same room using a bassinet for an infant or a bed for an older child. Bed sharing is simply the mother sleeping in the same bed as her child and is primarily encouraged while breastfeeding.
  • When administering methods of discipline, the mother focuses on working on strategies to find a solution that benefits both the child and the adult, rather than focusing on consequences and punishment of the child. Harsh or physical discipline is not a tactic used by attachment parents.
  • Reading a child’s behaviors and constantly promoting solid emotional development. This parenting approach primarily focuses on working towards a balance of responding to the child’s needs while still maintaining authority.

While the approaches of traditional and attachment parenting lack resemblance, both styles can create a loving environment for a mother to raise her child in. Whatever path a mother decides to choose when raising her child, it’s best to select the style that she feels most comfortable with. Both attachment and traditional parenting are practiced styles that produce happy children.

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Eating during labor

The main reason most hospitals restrict eating during labor is that they treat your labor as “medical” thus if you need a C-section you will not have any complications from anesthesia. the truth is that  most c-sections are not done under general anesthesia and if you do need that emergency c-section they will give you  something that will dry up your secretions to prevent aspiration. With that  said read on to understand why eating and drinking during labor is your choice


More harm takes place when women are forbidden to eat during labor. A lack of energy, first and foremost, to do the single most physically challenging task that her body will ever accomplish is a great harm. Also, a lack of dignity and respect exists when an adult woman who is transitioning into motherhood has been forbidden to eat.

Eating and drinking during labor can increase energy and prevent dehydration.

Listen to what your body tells you is the best advice for eating or not during labor

suggestions for foods during labor

chicken or vegetable broth



honey sticks

fruit fresh or dried

red raspberry leaf tea

What was your favorite food during labor?

warm wishes




I remember meeting with a couple who had many questions about childbirth classes, hiring a doula &where the best place to birth was. What resonates most is the expectant dad and his desire to be immersed in the pregnancy, he even went to prenatal yoga classes with his wife,now that is dedication.

The importance of having the new dad feel a part of the pregnancy before the baby is born is huge and will set the path for embracing the new miracle that is about to happen.

Dads can be involved by going to prenatal visits, childbirth classes are essential to understanding his role in labor and birth Reading , singing, or talking to the baby will be so special because the baby will recognize Dads voice when he /she is born. Understanding that he too can comfort the baby  before he passes the baby off to Mom for breastfeeding, cuddling, putting the knuckle of his pinkie for the baby to suckle until Mom gets ready, changing diapers, and learning infant massage for a very special bond

Lastly, Dads are the first ones to pick up on if Mom is having any postpartum depression signs. This is nothing to be ashamed of so make sure you are proactive and get the help she needs so you, mom and baby can have the joyous journey of parenthood that you all deserve.

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Childbirth Classes designed for you

1. Knowledge is power, the information you receive should increase your knowledge thereby decreasing your fears or worries

2. Understanding what is normal for labor . you cannot control your labor but you can control how much you  relax

3. To be able to  make the best choices for you and your own unique experience

4. To have a positive birth you deserve  one you will always  remember with  empowerment,  joy and love

Small Wonders Childbirth Education DVD is not governed by Lamaze or Bradley techniques, rather it evolved from my attendance  of over 300 births and what really works for woman.  Designed by woman and their  partners in labor to achieve a positive birth… what could be better!


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A mother thinks about her children day & night, even if they’re not with her. A mom loves her children in a way that they will never understand. A mom will be there for her children when no one else will. A mom will take a bullet, stand in front of a train, & ask God to take her instead of her child.