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What do you say when she cries out “I can’t do this anymore”

hug her

tell her you ARE doing great , I am so proud of you

I am right here with you

yes you can

Breathe with me

I love you , you are amazing

the baby is getting closer to being in your arms

let’s change positions after the next contraction


Remember all the love that brought the baby in will let the baby out

in joy



Managing the Art of Labor and Birth

I have been known to compare labor and birth to many thing like going to  the dentist and  not getting novacaine to see if mental imagary really works   ( it did but all you get is a silver filling at  the end, not as great as a baby!) So yesterday while taking a spinning class we were doing intervals, they came every minute lasting one minute and we did this for about 15 minutes. I started thinking of the laboring woman a contraction lasting 60 seconds and how you can distract the mind by  listening to music, hearing someone talking to you with encouraging words,  knowing 30 seconds have past and that you will great a break soon. Never discounting the work you do is hard but staying strong remembering the miracle  at the end and that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

As each interval (contraction) approached I thought that each one brought me closer to the end ( closer to holding your baby in your arms)

Feel strong and proud,that is how I felt at the end of class.

in joy


Birth… Develop A View Of A Positive Birth

When you develop a positive attitude about birth you then take the first step in ensuring a safe and positive birth experience.  Eliminate the false premises that others may have inflicted and begin to take on your own views and responsibility to your thought

Birth is a natural process, not a medical event

Birth is a normal process ,not an illness

Birth is a celebration of life

You are the center of your birth, make the best choices for your  experience


In celebration of the joyful birth you are about to have




Maybe it  does not seem like being pregnant  on bed rest and being in the military have anything in common, but it actually does when it comes to finding the best childbirth education classes to fit your needs. Small Wonders Childbirth series is your complete labor, birth and postpartum preparation that you can watch at your convenience without leaving your home , on your own schedule ,and  can view as many times as you need.  Taught by a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator , birth doula, & mom  my goal is that you & your partner understand what is normal in birth so you can relax, trust ,and have the positive birth you deserve.

in joy


“Make the best choices for a positive birth and a healthy baby”

January  2012 a new day, a new month, a new year for new resolutions. Perhaps 2012 is the year you are thinking of becoming pregnant, are pregnant or became a brand new parent. Why not make this the year you choose to discard any opinions that do not feel right to you about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Toss away those worries and misconceptions and flow with your new life transition in peace and appreciation.

As a childbirth educator, I have the honor of preparing and educating pregnant woman and their partners for their upcoming labor and birth. As a birth doula I am blessed in being able to provide physical and emotional support during labor and to witness the miracle of life.

In my DVD series , “SMALL WONDERS CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION, YOUR POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE” I explain that pregnancy is a time for transformation, for woman to embrace their changing bodies, and to roll with what, at times, can be challenging , however normal variances of pregnancy. (OK , I know morning sickness is not really fun!) Having  an understanding of the trimester’s transitions helps prepare you for recognizing you and your baby’s ability to work together. Nature has designed the labor stages perfectly for you. The hard work of labor will get you to a place of surrender. Then as you listen to your body you recognize the urge to bear down. Soon you will feel your baby’s head emerge from your body as you get a glimpse of their face with eyes wide open. The rest of their body soon slips out and this new life is placed skin to skin against your body, a time you will never forget. Your baby’s birthday will be remembered with love and smiling tears.

Make the resolution to shower yourself with positive energy. Recite a positive affirmation daily as you embrace your pregnancy with wisdom and trust, your labor and birth with confidence and power, and parenthood with love and joy



“We are able to make the best choices for a positive birth and a healthy baby”