Dee , We just wanted to say thank you. Our first baby is due March 18th and we have just finished watching Small Wonders—it was exactly what we were hoping for—informative yet informal, progressive and unpretentious. Your DVD classes eased our anxieties and helped us feel much more prepared and confident about the birth process, and we love that we can watch them as many times as we like from the comfort of our home. We will recommend Small Wonders to friends and family.

Thanks again for sharing your wisdom,

– Whitney and Brian Ward
Grantsville, Utah

Dee, I just wanted to let you know that last Thursday we got the DVD, just in time. We enjoyed it, and are more confident about the delivery. Congratulations for this beautiful material.

Thank you very much!

– Victoria
Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I went to child birth classes with my husband while pregnant with my first baby. They were long, I was uncomfortable, and my husband was crabby to be there. I didn’t even try to go with the second two pregnancies, which really put me and my husband at a disadvantage.

After viewing Dee’s childbirth series, I immediately saw how beneficial it would have been to be able to take child birth classes at home! I wish that I would have had the opportunity to sit comfortably in my own home, push pause whenever I needed, and push rewind to go over any parts that I still hadn’t understood. After watching the series I learned new things that I didn’t know (even after giving birth three times!)

This series really is EVERYTHING you need to know about labor, delievery, relaxation techniques, and postpartum care for both yourself and your baby! And the great thing is, you can watch it at your own pace, privately with your partner while in the comfort of your own home.

– Mia Carr
Simply Mommy

Dee, Thank you for helping my mommy and daddy reach their goals… thank you for helping to bring me into the world, the healthiest way there could be… and thank you for being one of the most important persons in my life!

Love always,

– Aidan Cole

Dee, we just want to thank you for empowering us. You’ve been of infinite value, of infinite support. We feel confident and right.

Thank you,

– Erick and Reanna

Dear Dee, Thank you so much for being such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. We feel prepared for your big event because of you.


– Catherine and Doug

Dear Dee, Thank you for everything. This was the most amazing experience of my life.

– Alicia

Dee, Thank you so much for the invaluable information you provided in class! Neither Michael or I can imagine having taken the class from anyone else. We enjoyed each and every class and we feel ready and excited for the birth of our baby. Thanks again, Baby Ford says “thank you!” too.

– Michael and Kathleen

To Dee, you are the greatest–you have no idea how much we appreciated your class and all the excellent information you conveyed.

Hi Dee, just had to thank you again–and I’ll thank you again and again and again for your help. It would have never happened without you–well, I guess the birth would have happened, but certainly not so victoriously.


– Amanda

Dear Dee, Thank you so much for all that you have put into our class. We have learned so much and the experience has made us truly excited ( not scared!) about the birth of our baby. We will send a picture and a word when s/he arrives.


– Catie and Roger

Dear Dee, Thank you so much! You are a powerful woman and very special to our family. Your wisdom helped shape one of the most magical moments in our life.


– Rob, Lisa and Ethan

Dear Dee, we don’t have words to thank you for your incredible support and coaching. We will always remember the role you played in bringing baby Zev into the world. Your calmness, knowledge and stamina helped more than you know.

Much Thanks and Love,

– Beth, Ed and Zev

Dear Dee, Jason and I wish to thank you for presenting to us all the invaluable information on childbirth in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You were born to teach childbirth classes, you exceeded our
expectations on how much we would get out of childbirth classes.

– Victoria

Dear Dee, we appreciate everything you did to prepare us for this miraculous day!

The classes were amazing. looking back, I just don’t know what I would have done without them.

– Gavin Mahaley